Online series

Introductions Answers

1. The Bible

Why is the Bible the best-selling book in the world? Is there anything special about it, and if so, what does that mean for us? ENGLISH | SAMOAN | CHINESE

2. The Church

It seems like there are a lot of churches around today. What should we be looking for? And why should we be looking for a church in the first place? ENGLISH | SAMOAN

3. The Plan

People need help. Just look around at the world today. So what’s the plan? ENGLISH | SAMOAN

1. Does God exist?

Why is there something rather than nothing? Either something is eternal, or something created itself, or we stick our fingers in our ears and hum loudly. Is God a better option? » read more

2. Why does God allow suffering?

Suffering is a problem for the Christian faith. At least, that’s what the atheists say. But what does the Christian faith say? » read more

3. Can we be good without God?

Many atheists agree that atheism leads to moral nihilism — the denial of good and evil. But an increasing number of atheists insist that we can be good without God. Is this even possible? » read more